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How to Use the Law of Attraction in 3 Steps

Your whole life and everything in it has been created by you. The Universe has always responded, responds and will respond to each one of your orders.

The creative process using the Law of Attraction is very simple. There's only three steps: Ask for, Have faith, Receive.

1) Ask for

Let the Universe know what you want and it will respond to your thoughts.

What do you really want? Sit down and write it down on a paper. Explain how you want your life to be in each one of its aspects.

It has to be very clear for you. Now that you know you can get it, be it or do it, and that there are no limits, what do you wish?

Make a habit out of this step. If you have to choose and you don't know what, ask for your ideas to be clear! You must never let anything stop you.

You don't have to ask for it over and over again: once is enough. It's like buying from a catalog: you just order once and then wait for it to arrive.

Step one is to just be sure of what you want. As soon as your ideas become clear, ask for it.

2) Have Faith

Step two is Have Faith.

What you wish for is already yours from the moment you ask for it, remember and trust this.

If you'd made an order from a catalog you'd be relaxed, you'd be sure you'll get it soon and you would continue with your life.

You have to transmit the frequency of the feeling of having received it, so all those images can come back to your life.

If your thoughts hold the idea that you still don't have it, you'll keep attracting that scarcity.
Play and act like you already own it. By pretending like this, you begin to believe you've already received it.

The Universe always responds to your predominant thoughts, not only when you ask for. The Law of Attraction will strongly move all the circumstances, people and events so you can receive it.

You don't need to know how it's going to do it. When you try to find out the how, you send out a frequency of lack of faith. You believe it's you who has to do it and not that the Universe will do it for you.

The truth is you won't know how it will be shown to you until it is shown.

Usually when we don't see the things we've asked for, we get frustrated and send out a low frequency of doubt which drives our wish away. Change this frequency by thinking "I know it is on its way".

3) Receive

The third and last step is Receiving. Think and sense how you'll feel when your wish comes. It is important that you feel good, because that way your placing yourself in the frequency of receiving. Repeat in your mind:"I'm receiving all the good things, now".

Ask for just once, believe you've already received it and then all you have to do is feel good.
Be creative and find out what will help you generate the feelings of having your wish now. Do everything you think necessary to generate and maintain those feelings. That way you'll believe you've already received it and you will receive it.

Your wish might manifest directly or you might have to do an Inspired Action. An inspired action isn't the same as a simple action. The difference is that the first one is born out of instinct and is done with a minimum effort, whereas the second one appears from self-obligation and requires a great deal of effort.

Think of life as a river which goes by really fast. If you act to make something happen, you'll feel you're swimming against the current. If you act as to receive from the Universe, you'll feel like you're flowing with the current of the river.

Trust your instincts. If you have any intuition, go with it!

You must pay attention to what you want to attract, because when you have images of what you want, you'll be drawn to those things and vice versa.

The more you practice and begin to see that the Law of Attraction brings you things, the better magnet you'll be, because you'll be adding the power of faith, of believing and knowledge.

Everything that's been invented and created through out the history of humanity began with a thought. Then, trust yourself and the Universe.


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