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Daily Decrees to Increase your Self-Esteem

  • I love and accept myself just the way I am
  • All the perfection of the Universe lives in me
  • All the beauty of life and love is manifested in me
  • I feel happy and comfortable being myself
  • I radiate love, happiness and peace
  • My inner beauty is reflect in every part of my body and my personality
  • I care about myself, I take care of my body and soul with total devotion
  • I have the wonderful power of loving myself
  • I enjoy my own company, I like my body and spirit
  • The greatness of my being makes me feel delighted and thankful
  • Every thought I have about myself is directed to strengthen my self-esteem
  • I unconditionally love every cell in my body
  • The others love me as much as I love myself
  • I have a great concept of myself as a human being
  • I am thankful to life for the perfection of my being
  • I look for and find the beauty of my soul and the perfection of my body
  • I'm full of harmony, perfection and beauty
  • Every day of my life I gain more confidence in myself
  • The love I feel for myself is the greatest love in the world
  • I completely recognize I'm a valuable person
  • I'm the master of my life, I choose to be my best friend and take care of myself with all my soul
  • I choose to live my life with my happiness and my harmony as priorities
  • I love myself, forgive myself, accept myself and take care of myself
  • Everyday I fall in love with myself more and more
  • I make a commitment to myself to take care of my body and soul as the treasures that they are
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