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The Law of Attraction and Your Health

Our body is the product of our thoughts. Medical science is beginning to understand the degree to which thoughts and emotions determine the health of our body. It's been discovered that the human mind is the main factor to heal, sometimes more than medication.

We all know the placebo effect. A placebo is something that allegedly has no effect or repercussion to the body, like a sugar pill. Nevertheless, you tell the patient that it is very efficient and what happens is that sometimes the placebo has the same effect, or even more, as the medication supposedly designed for that effect.

However, if you suffer from a serious illness and you choose just to find out what was the psychological factor that caused it, instead of using the traditional medicine, it's most likely to cause your death. Evidently, it's advisable that you take the medication as you investigate the psychological cause. In no case you must renounce the medication. At the same time, our mental task consists in thinking about the perfect health.

When the cause of many illnesses are investigated, it always comes to one common origin: stress. It comes from a negative thought, a thought we didn't take in consideration, and later it attracted more similar thoughts, until stress is manifested.

The most frequent question is: when a person has manifested an illness, is it possible to revert that process through the power of the right thought? The answer is a definite yes.

For that reason, no matter what you have manifested, keep in mind you can change it with a small positive thought. Love and gratitude will dissolve all the negativity in our lives. Love and gratitude can dissolve any illness.

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