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How to Clean the Aura?

During the day, our aura is affected by other people's vibrations as well as by our own emotions.

As well as we clean our body every day, it is often essential to clean our aura.

These are some methods. Choose those to which you feel more comfortable with yourself.

Options for Cleaning

Salt Bath

Water helps to eliminate dirtiness, both physical and energetic.

Incorporating salts to your bath stimulates your own energy flow and removes minor psychic waste from your aura.


Plunging in water helps to clean the aura.

Ocean water is more effective because it contains salts and minerals, being more helpful to remove minor psychic waste from your aura.


Slight exposure to sunlight stimulates your own energy flow.

Some low vibrations cannot exist when are exposed to bright light.


Standing, with an open body posture in front of strong winds helps you to release unwanted energies.

Sea breezes contain moisture, salt and minerals, ocean winds are especially beneficial for cleaning the aura.

Gardening and Nature

Through gardening and coexisting with nature, we have direct contact with the Earth.

Contacting with the Earth helps you to release unwanted energies from your system.


Creating something that inspires you, makes you create waves of energy.

These waves stimulate our own energy flow, and help us release blocks and unwanted energies.


Which of the cleaning methods will you put into practice? Please leave us your comment!

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