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The Meaning of Clutter

Did you know that hoarding at home and clutter are related to different kinds of fears?

They also symbolize saturation of ideas, confusion, lack of focus, instability and uncertainty about your goals.

External and internal clutter feed reciprocally. They block new opportunities and make you lose time.

Different Types of Hoarding

New Hoarding: 

Objects that you have used recently, but you have not put it back in its place.

It indicates a lack of direction, you are trying to do too many things simultaneously and you are not focusing on what you should do.

Old Hoarding: 

Objects that you have not used in a long time and are stacked everywhere.

It indicates that you are living in the past and letting your old emotions take over you, preventing the new from coming.

The Meaning of Clutter by Place

Depending on where the clutter is accumulated, there is a message being broadcast.

If there is clutter or objects stacked in…

… the House Entrance:

 Fear of relating with other people.

… the Closet:

 There is no control over the handling of emotions.

… the Kitchen:

Resentment or sentimental fragility.

… on the Desk:

Frustration, fear and need to control situations.

… behind Doors:

Fear of not being accepted by others, feeling of being constantly watched.

… under the Furniture:

Too much importance to appearances.

… the Garage:

Fear and lack of ability to be up to date.

… the Hallway:

Trouble to communicate, fear to tell and express what is desired.

… the Living Room:

Afraid of social rejection.

… the Dining Room:

Fear of not taking firm and solid steps, feeling of family control.

… the Bedroom:

You are a person who leaves things unfinished and who has difficulty in finding a partner or stable job.

… Around Your Home:

Anger, idleness and apathy towards all aspects of life.

Tips for Tidying

  • Remove everything you have not used over the last six months.
  • Get rid of the biggest things first.
  • Return things that you have borrowed.
  • Pick up what is on the ground and place it in baskets or bags.
  • Get 10 pieces of clothing you do not use from the closet and donate them.
  • Clears furniture from objects that are not useful.
  • Check and organize emails received.

While you clean and order, tell yourself that you are cleaning and ordering your mind. The Universe loves symbolic gestures.

Tidying will help you to turn your spaces into sacred places and you will be more assertive in your decisions and projects.


What type of disorder do you identify yourself with? Please, leave us your comments!

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