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Past Lives: How to know who I was?

We spend our whole lives on a path of self-knowledge, trying to discover who we are in the HERE and NOW. But we often forget to reflect on our Past Lives.

It's important to know who we were in a previous life in order to be able to take on the challenges of the current life.

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How to know who I was in my Past Life?


Have you ever had a dream where you felt that you have already lived that moment? Have you ever had the feeling that it's not just a dream, but a memory that isn't your current life?

A dream so real that it reveals to you, perhaps, the last moment in a previous life? When you have a dream like this, write it down, because it could give you a clue of the person you once were.

It can even give you a little understanding of certain concerns that you hold in this life. It's advisable to have a dream log, to analyze your valuable memories later.

Regressions to Past Lives

There are highly effective regression therapies that could help you. Regressions are techniques that rely on hypnosis and other methods that alter consciousness.

There, you could recall certain events from a supposed past.

You can even improve conditions in your health that are related to diseases in other lives, in which your body remembers these symptoms and somatizes them in this current life.

Keep in mind that your brain stores the information of all your lives with the help of the pineal gland.

When you consciously don't know why you are experiencing certain things, there will always be a response within your subconscious that explains why, but only you can interpret the meaning of it.

The Tikkun of Kabbalah

You also have the option that the Kabbalah shows to you, a powerful tool to eliminate your doubts called tikkun; this is an Aramaic word that means “correction”.

According to your date of birth, you may reveal the type of decisions you made in past lives and, more importantly, the ones you should make in this one.

By understanding your personal tikkun, you would be able to: identify your past weaknesses; recognize the baggage you carry from previous lives.

Also, avoid the obstacles and detours that slow down your progress towards the Light; overcome your deepest fears; and become "all you could ever be”, in its deepest sense.

Reincarnation and Karma

There are people you know today that you probably already knew in one of your many lifetimes.

Remember that we come to this world to experience the unknown, and each experience is different for each human being, even for yourself in different lives.

For example, if in a previous life you were a prince, perhaps in this life you may experience the life of an average person, so to speak.

Discovering who you were in a past life is a very personal journey that you must experience and interpret it. 

You can do this with each thing that comes to you in the form of feeling, knowledge, dream or divine revelation.

And this will help you grow in this life, also overcoming obstacles or challenges that have been given to you.

Now that you know these varied tools to discover who you were in a past life, which one are you going to experience first? Leave us your comment.

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