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How to Invoke your Guardian Angel?

Whenever you feel lonely, anguished or sick, you can invoke your Angel, he will help and listen you.

You can invoke him in case of danger or to give you courage when facing important commitments or extreme situations.

You can also call him to cheer up and protect your children, to help you overcome any negative feelings, or to free yourself from old structures, to change them and to put new and transforming energy into your work and your relationships.

Your guardian angel will always help you.

How to do this?

Invoking is done through visualization, which is a true magical act in Human Being's life.

It is possible to "magically create" by using our divine powers with the help of Angels.

Contacting our Guardian Angel, both visually and feeling his presence, requires one or several invoking sessions.

He will speak to us through our inner voice, guiding our steps, correcting our adverse behaviors and feelings, until we achieve the physical, mental and spiritual balance needed to make his appearance possible.

Decree to Invoke your Guardian Angel

Decree… (You can only repeat the first paragraph while viewing it with your eyes closed, as explained above.)

Guardian angel, my guardian dear, every this day be by my side, I give you thanks!

Beloved Guardian Angel, you were assigned to me from I was born and before, when it was only an idea in the Universe Mind!

You are my connection to the spiritual world, just as I am your connection to the physical world!

I open my heart to you and I ask you to appear in a clear and understandable form through messages and signals I would understand!

My whole being is opened to light and love!

I trust in you and your powerful and sacred presence to travel together through the path to enlightenment, health, prosperity, happiness and success!

Overcoming life’s changes always becoming the best I can be to leave my positive mark in this world!

I trust in you! I love you! Thank you! That's how it will be!

Try invoking your Guardian Angel now and then leave us a comment with your feelings!

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