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How to Pass Exams Using the Law of Attraction

 Here are some tips that will help you pass exams using the Law of Attraction.

It's not about the knowledge, it's about the confidence

You may find it unlikely to pass an exam not because you don't know the material, but because of the subconscious insecurity that is created.

Even if you constantly affirm that you will pass, your subconscious will contradict you. Deep down, you know that you haven't studied, and you know that it is very difficult to demonstrate knowledge that you haven't internalized.

It's not about studying like a robot, but about noticing that as you study, you gain self-confidence. Knowing that what you have studied you will put on paper is the key, without falling into the error of fearing to fail.

If you really want it, you will get it

If your desire is deep, you will pass, but if you haven't found your vocation or you doubt the usefulness of what you are studying, it is more likely that your mind will automatically close that door and another possibility will appear, another course, another career or another vocation.

You should also not talk about your dreams in the future, because the future is something conditioned and nonexistent. You must accept that "you are an approved being", that your mind does not need that grade because you already know those knowledge, that the evaluation is pure paperwork, that it is not something that is about to come, it is something that you already possess in your head.

Visualize your exam approved

Visualize that you already have the success. Always in the present tense, without exception.

3 Steps to Pass Exams Using the Law of Attraction

Step 1: How we should study

Well, when you are with your notebooks or your books open, about to read but without knowing where to start, you relax, close your eyes and say to yourself as many times as necessary:

  • "I study with ease and choose the right topics to get a high grade"

The affirmation can be as is, or one made by you that is comfortable, simple and believable, of course.

Then start studying calmly. If you feel overwhelmed, repeat the exercise. See yourself relaxed, let go of the nerves because you know that everything will be fine, lie to yourself if necessary until you believe it.

Then you will be reading and learning what is necessary to get a high grade, another affirmation can be:

  • "I study with ease and everything I study stays with me"

It may seem redundant, but it doesn't matter, believe it, it's true.

Step 2: Attitude in the exam

Relax, calm mind and positive, ALWAYS. If you show your calmness, you are sending the vibration that you know you will do a good exam, because it will be so if you want it. And you think and act as such.

It is normal to meet your classmates and they ask you and comment on their nervousness, it doesn't matter, you are fine, sure, let it be known:

  • "Sure it will go well"
  • "You'll see how easy the exam is"

In addition to assuring yourself mentally:

  • "I am calm, confident, the exam is going to be great"

Once you have the exam on the table, breathe before reading the questions. If you start to worry because you think you don't know any of them, don't worry! Your subconscious has probably accumulated more information than your conscious part, so go answering the questions in order.

If you find many questions, topics, and so on, stop, close your eyes or let them rest at some point and affirm:

  • "I know how to answer all the questions, I choose the correct answer to the questions (or to question X)"

Step 3: Attitude after the exam

Well, more of the same: security, calmness and positivity, how well it went!

Visualize the great grade you are going to get, feel that emotion, ask the Universe for the grade you want, preferably the maximum, and trust in yourself and the Universe.

Don't let the wait blur you, it doesn't matter, your exam is done and it is fantastic, the circumstances will take care of giving you your reward. And then, forget it!

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