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Top 10 April 2023

Here we present you the Top 10 of the best publications of Law of Attraction Plus for April 2023. Enjoy it!

N°1: The Shadow Sides of Each Number (Numerology Lesson 32)

Usually when you use numerology to look at relationships, you look at two different types of numbers...

N°2: The Secret Daily Teachings, by Rhonda Byrne

Thank You. Good is All that Exists. Your Feelings Are Your Tomorrow. Grateful List . Begin Your Day By Feeling Grateful...

N°3: Interpretations of the Essence Numbers (Numerology Lesson 28)

Interpreting the Essence numbers can be a complex, intuitive process as it is not only just interpreting what each year might be like for the individual but also the length of the transits...

N°4: Solving Problems Using a Glass of Water

This technique belongs to José Silva, creator of the Silva Method. It helps us to find, almost by "magic", the solution to those difficult problems...

N°5: Deservability Treatment, by Louise Hay

Make the following Decrees at least for 21 days in a row, three times a day (in the morning waking up, in the afternoon after lunch and at night before going to bed)...

N°6: Manifesting Abundance

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool that can help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life, including wealth. 

N°7: Psicological Test of Love

Test of love based on psychology. Answer honestly what would you do in the following situations...

N°8: Decrees and Affirmations to Win the Lottery

We'll give you here some positive affirmations to win the lottery. These affirmations will align your mind consciously and subconsciously, and this will unblock your intuitive capacity to predict the winning number in the lottery...

N°9: The Law of Attraction and Health

The Law of Attraction is a powerful principle that can be used to improve many aspects of your life, including your health and well-being. 

N°10: Karmic Debt Numbers (Numerology Lesson 38)

In numerology there is a very interesting concept called the karmic debt number. This is based on the idea that each of us is a spiritual being that is reincarnated again and again, and each time we reincarnate we reach higher states of awareness...

Which of the Top 10 April 2023 publications is your favorite? Please leave us your comment 🙂
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