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Activation of Sacred Code 888

With the activation of Sacred Code 888, we can connect with the energies of forgiveness, strengthen our bond with God the Father, enhance protective energies, and make the connection with God Sobek.

Moreover, reciting this sacred code can help our loved ones, friends, or souls beyond "The Lakes of Purgatory."

Spiritual Meaning of Number 888

The spiritual meaning of the number 888 is based on power, character, well-directed ambition in the professional, academic, and work fields.

Directly related to success, prosperity, strength, creative problem resolution, and effective and efficient project development.

Setting realistic goals and objectives that align with a person's capabilities.

But most importantly, the number 888 symbolizes that all difficulties or conflicts will be resolved effectively and in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, every effort will be rewarded, so don't give up or get upset if things seem a bit more complicated than anticipated because success will not abandon you.

What is the Purpose of Numeric Sacred Code 888?

The sacred code 888 is used for forgiveness, which helps calm our heart, soul, and spirit. It also connects us with God the Father, who will bless us and provide his protective mantle.

Agesta uses this code to help loved ones, friends, or souls in "the Lakes of Purgatory."

The goal is for the souls of our loved ones to transcend to the next level. Similarly, Agesta uses this sacred code to connect with God Sobek.

Activation of Sacred Code 888

The sacred code 888 can be activated by reciting it in a comfortable, quiet place free from negative energies.

To do this, we should find a place in our home where we can sit comfortably and without distracting elements.

In this way, we can focus and channel all our energies into the request and recitation we are going to make.

To energetically cleanse the environment, it is recommended to burn a little white sage or rosemary.

These plants are extraordinary for eliminating negative energies, any larvae, or spiritual entities that may be stagnant in that place.

You can use different spiritual and energetic elements to enhance our recitation. You can choose which ones to use or not, keeping in mind that it doesn't matter if you decide not to use one or use them all.

They will only allow you to create a calmer, balanced environment with renewed positive energies.

Among the elements you can use are white or yellow candles, which must be consecrated with your request.

To do this, simply take the candle and rub it with your hands, asking the beings of light to offer their blessings in resolving our request.

You can even anoint it with essential oils such as acacia, angelica, carnation, lily, lotus, or verbena while conjuring it.

You can also enjoy the scents of jasmine, incense, lavender, rose, or myrrh by using them as essential oil in a burner or incense.

Another element to use can be stones; for this sacred code, agate, amethyst, celestite, green quartz, or rhodonite are perfect.

Once you have chosen the element(s) to use, you should place them in front of you. In the case of stones, you can hold them in your hands.

After cleaning the environment and placing the elements, take a deep, slow breath to relax the mind and body. If you wish, you can do a short meditation to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Continue with your request to the beings of light and the recitation of sacred code 888, remembering that it must be repeated 45 times consecutively with great conviction and faith for a minimum of 21 consecutive days.

You can conclude with a powerful prayer.

"I activate the Sacred Code 888 and am open to prosperity and spiritual connection."

When are you going to perform the Activation of Sacred Code 888? Please leave us your comment 🙂

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