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Psychological Test of Love

Test of love based on psychology. Answer honestly what would you do in the following situations:


1. You go to your boy(girl)friend's home, and there are two ways to get to the house. One of them is a short and quick cut-off, but is boring and simple. The other is long, but full of beautiful views. Which one you choose to take, the long or the short way?

2. Along the way you find two bushes of roses. One of them have red roses and the other have white roses. You decide to stop and pick 20 roses for your boy(girl)friend. What combination of both would you take? (you can take the 20 roses in the same color)

3. You finally get to your boy(girl)friend's home and a member of his/her family opens the door. You can go to find him/her or tell the family member to call him/her for you. What would you do?

4. You go to your boy(girl)friend's bedroom but nobody is there and you decide to leave the roses. Would you put them on the bedside table or over the bed?

5. Then it's time to go to sleep. You and your boy(girl)friend are going to sleep in separate bedrooms. In the morning, when it's time to wake up, you go to his/her bedroom to see him/her. When you get there... is he/her asleep or awake?

6. Now, it's time to return to your home. Do you take the short and boring way or the longer and more interesting?


1. The way represents your attitude about falling in love. If you take the short way, you fall in love quickly and easily. If you take the long way, you take your time and you don't fall in love easily.

2. The number of red roses that you took represents how much you give in a relationship. While the number of white roses represents how much you expect to receive. For example, if you took 18 red and 2 white, you give 90% and expect to receive 10%.

3. This question represents your attitude towards managing relatioship problems. If you answered to ask the member of the family to call him/her for you, then you like to avoid problems and expect that they be resolved by themself. If you were to find him/her, it means that you are a more direct person and that you like to solve problems immediately.

4. The place where you put the roses determines how much you like to see your boy(girl)friend. Putting them on the bed means that you love to see him/her, while putting them on the bedside table means that you can wait to see him/her.

5. This question represents your attitude towards his/her personality. If you find him/her sleeping, you love him/her as he/she is. If you find him/her awake, you expect that he/she change for you.

6. The way back home tells you how much you like to stay in love with someone. If you took the short way, you use to stop loving easily. If you took the long way, you tend to fall in love for a long time.

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