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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Apep - From march 16th to april 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Apep - From march 16th to april 15th
Planet: Mars
Symbol: Apep, the sacred serpent
Power word: I have

Symbology: The god Appep is represented as a serpent that could split up and in that way show the duality of the Universe.

1. Inteligent, full of strategies and power. They get the respect of the others. Foresighted, always save for the future, and daring fighters.
2. They have great inventiveness to improvise and motivate the others. They're great speakers capable of winning anyone over with their incomparable cleverness and charm.
3. Capable of solving problems with cleverness. Perpetual innovators and don't let failures discourage them.
4. Of high self-esteem and invencible image, they will be leaders at home and in the home.
5. When it comes to love, they're intense, passionate, protective, and pleasing towards their partner.

Regent planet:
It's Mars and it provides them with energy and enthusiasm to face life.

Goal in life:
Their mission is to lead others, contribute with initiatives and defend fair causes. They will have the capacity to start enterprises and present their ideas owed to the high self-confidence they have.

Their good critics and capable of determine where the flaw is and suggest viable solutions.

They trust themselves like they trust no one else, near the limit of selfishness. They don't desguise their pride about their abilities and achievements.

Mission to evolve:
Their spirit needs to control impulsiveness and selfishness. They have to try not to get angry so easily and look for more original outlets. Eliminate arrogant and intolerant attitudes without losing their courage and self-esteem.

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