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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Ptah - From april 16th to may 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Ptah - From april 16th to may 15th
Planet: Venus
Symbol: Ptah, the opener
Power word: I am

Symbology: He was the greatest god of Memphis and represented the rising Sun. He's the symbol of fertility.

1. They're happy, popular, sexual, mundane, and observant, but bad tempered and stubborn.
2. Confident, lively, energetic, and elegant. They're vain, but in spite of that, well receibed in social circles.
3. Most of them become independent at an early age. They're adventurer and manage money very well. When talking to them, one must get to the point, since they don't like to waste their time.
4. Not fond of complicated love relationships. They prefer a simple one and keep it the whole life; they love the home and family.

Regent planet:
It's Venus and it gives them beauty and love. As romanticism, sensitivity, and kindness in their manners.

Goal in life:
Born to put ideas into practice, organize, and make dreams come true. Their mission is to bring stability to their own people, settle down, keep the customs and traditions.

Own a practical attitude when facing conflicts. They have a huge resistence and are very persistent. With an iron will, once they are determined, nothing changes their mind.

They tend to be possessive and absorbing towards their loved ones, with a slight tendency to phsysical laziness and disproportionate pleasure.

Mission to evolve:
Their spirit needs to learn how to control the stubborness and the harshness in their opinions.

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