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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Autum - From may 16th to june 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Autum - From may 16th to june 15th
Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Autum
Power word: I think

Symbology: It possesses an incomparable power, wich derives from the five elements that reside withing itself. It symbolises
comprehension and wisdom.

1. It's the most curious in the Zodiac, focusing on what interests them, moving aways from the world. Nothing distracts them.
2. Some have had a bohemian life style in their youth, they mock the conventional and enjoy letting loose their impulses.
3. They love freedom and wish to live in a constant change since they easily get bored with people, but can get to be very dependent of what they admire.
4. Love will come to their life first into their mind and then the heart.

Regent planet:
It's Mercury, regent of communications and intellect, wich will give them abilities to express their ideas.

Goal in life:
Dedicated to study, learn, write, and communicate. The most important mission in their lives is to receive and give information.

They need to get spiritual support every time they need it because they would do double for someone close to them. They never quit and are always willing to start over. Their mind can conceive ideas and solutions that no one would have thought of.

They can influence the others in a compassionate and sensitive way, but can also be obstinate, irrational, and selfish.

Mission to evolve:
They need to control impatience, anxiety, and nervousness. They must be more persistent and less persuadable. They need to avoid getting involved in gossips and arguments.

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