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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Isis - From june 16th to july 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Isis - From june 16th to july 15thPlanet: Moon
Symbol: Isis, half moon
Power word: I can

Symbology: Isis symbolizes the values of reproduction and conservation of life.

1. They possess absolute sagacity and cleverness, apart from prevention and skill. They’re shy, have very few friends, smart and wise.
2. They like harmony, coexistence and understanding with the others. They’re good friends, although a little reserved and shy.
3. They love nature, children and animals.
4. They can’t take pressure and are quite moody.
5. Romantic, and for these natives, a candle dinner is paradise.

Regent planet:
It’s the Moon, which is always symbolically linked to nature and everything to what the maternal protection belongs.

Goal in life:
The activities in which they’ll stand out are the ones related to medicine, psychology or veterinary.

They’re goodness in the flesh and are extremely lucky since they, many times, inherite fortunes and even the poorest of this sign will receive gifts or something material.

They don’t easily forgive the faults of the others. They can’t stand strict and too disciplined things either.

Mission to evolve:
They need to work on the issue of patience and tolerance towards those who don’t think they way they would like.

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