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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Osiris - From october 16th to november 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Osiris - From october 16th to november 15th
Planet: Pluto
Symbol: Osiris
Power word: I wish

Symbology: Simbolized as the God of death. It represents authority and leadership.

1. Considered honorable. Self-confident and defender their territory.
2. Sincere, inteligent, and charismatic. They possess a great sentiment of loyalty and play fair, with justice.
3. Capable of tolerating much tension.Their mind makes them good advisers, priests or psychologists.
4. In love, they're passionate and possessive. They look for a strong and sensual partner.
5. Fighters, don't give up until accomplishing their goals.In love, they attract their partner in such way they will never want to leave them.

Regent planet:
It's Pluto, which gives them a great energy that makes them invencible.

Goal in life:
Guide, heal, investigate, and create. Their persistent ideas and insistence make them leaders anywhere they might be. One of their most relevant missions is to protect the others, teach with integrity and courage how to live love deeply.

They are intense, passionate, and extreme. They live each moment intensively and their emotions are deep and long-lasting. They have the ability to discover secrets, investigate and heal.

Sometimes they lose their patience easily. Their jealousy can get disproportionate, making them lose control.

Mission to evolve:
They need to understand how to control anxiety, agressiveness, obstinacy, and their inclination to vengeance. Besides they need to learn how to avoid extreme and unbreakable conducts, their desire to manipulate the others and their tendency to selfishness.

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