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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Horus - From august 16th to september 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Horus - From august 16th to september 15th
Planet: Mercury
Symbol: The Hawk, Horus
Power word: I analize

Symbology: Simbolized by a man with a hawk head. It represents obedience and respect.

1. Their personality stands out by sincerity, simplicity, and strength. With a strong appearance but cheerful and modesta in the inside.
2. They like to enjoy the pleasures but without going too far. Magnificent hosts. They hate arguments.
3. Not interested in dazzling, will try to go unnoticed. Always willing to offer help and assume responsabilities.
4. Hard workers, are not affraid of demanding chores, since they were born for that.
5. When they truly love, they do it with all their strength and don't disguise their feelings. They will try to find a protective and self-confident partner who provides them stability.

Regent planet:
It's Mercury, which gives them great mental abilities.

Goal in life:
Their capacity of analyzing and seeing through details will teach others to be more perfectionist. Their mission is to heal and relieve the others. They'll also help them find solutions to material and health problems.

They possess a practical sense of life and will easily solve chores and problems.

One of their problems is that they trust everyone and believe everything they're told, which usually causes them great displease. They're big spenders and very generous.

Mission to evolve:
They need to overcome fears and insecurities and develop self-confidence. They have to make an effort to avoid criticism and control their negative side.

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