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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Maat - From september 16th to october 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Maat - From september 16th to october 15th
Planet: Venus
Symbol: Maat, Justice, the Scales
Power word: I love

Symbology: Goddess of wisdom, justice, truth, harmony, compassion, and order.

1. They are fast, inteligent, and skillful. Possess inventiveness.
2. Speakers capable of winning people over with cleverness and charm.
3. The Maat is a perpetual innovator, the businessman who rarely lets a failure discourage him. They don't let other people's success impresses them, since they know they can be better.
4. They're good critics and capable of easily finding the failure and suggest viable solutions.
5. They will come to see that life makes much more sense if it's shared with friends and loved ones, instead of living it alone.
6. With a great sense of justice, will not tolerate agressiveness and abuse.
7. When it comes to love, they try to find the ideal partner. They're romantic and skilled in seduction, always willing to enjoy intimacy.

Regent planet:
It's Venus, the planet of love, which gives them great romanticism and idealism.

Goal in life:
Cooperate, persuade, meditate and reconcile different matters. They will manage to develop their artistic and esthetic qualities showing the world life's true colors.

Their main qualities are great confidence and joy of life. They're not easily brought down, although very often they're the center of envy.

They never hide their pride on their own accomplishments: they aplaud themselves, since they know they do things right.

Mission to evolve:
Their spirit needs to overcome the doubts that harass them. They must be more direct about their opinions, avoiding to keep quiet or learning how to say NO when it's necessary.

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