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Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Ra - From july 16th to august 15th

Egyptian Horoscope: Children of Ra - From july 16th to august 15th
Planet: Sun
Symbol: The Sun
Power word: I reign

Symbology: Solar god, procreated as a pure spirit. It represents speed and it’s considered as a symbol of collaboration and solidarity.

1. There are two different kinds of Ra: the quick and chatty, and the solemn and observant. Both are neat, precise, organized, determined, honest, alert, and objective.
2. Their critic might be hostile, that’s why one has to be ready t hear acid comments when asking for their opinion.
3. They enjoy being the center of everyone’s look.
4. They are very entertaining and never let an opportunity pass without telling their adventures.
5. They’re good at making money and are the guardians of the safe.
6. In love, they’re always ready to conquer.

Regent planet:
It’s the Sun, which provides them with personal pride, authority, and vitality.

Goal in life:
Born to take influential positions. They will be able to direct, transmit justice, and express themselves loosely. Their mission is to show the world that love begins by oneself.

They’re very creative and always put their personal touch into their things. They share their accomplishments with their close ones and their generosity knows no limits. They usually could be victims of envy and criticism.

Ambitious and with a winning mentality, capable of anything to reach their goals successfully.

Mission to evolve:
Their spirit needs to control vanity, selfishness, and the tendency to dramatize. They need to avoid arrogance and ostentation.

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